5 Reasons Why Your Tables Should Have Glass Tops

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Glass table tops

In the middle of revamping your home but having trouble deciding between wood and glass tops for your kitchen and living room tables? While both tabletop types are good and reliable, it’s an undeniable fact that glass tabletops offer more aesthetic and functional benefits than wooden ones. To help you understand the benefits of glass tops, here are 5 reasons why you should get them for your tables:

  1. Incredibly stylish and beautiful

On their own, glass tabletops offer a luxurious appearance and a sleek aesthetic that are enough to transform any beautiful living room or kitchen into something even more wonderful. And when you custom cut your glass tabletop’s edges, you can either give it a trendy vibe or an elegant motif. Shanes Glass is a business that offers some of the best custom glass cutting services in town.

  1. Versatile enough to match almost any interior décor

Tables with glass tops are so versatile that they can match almost any type of interior décor. From modern and contemporary spaces to vintage and traditional homes to earthy and rustic interiors, you won’t have any trouble with glass tabletops when it comes to complementing a décor theme. And since they can be custom designed, one can even say that the design possibilities with glass tabletops are endless.

  1. Emphasize a piece in a room

With a streamlined aesthetic, a table with a transparent glass top gives it the ability to emphasize the beauty of any nearby décor. You can use this aesthetic feature to your advantage by highlighting a gorgeous area rug, overhead lighting, tall sculpture, or couch.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

With glass tabletops, cleaning is as easy as using a gentle cleanser and a cloth to wipe it down. Whether it’s a food or wine stain, you can easily wipe it clean. Also, if your glass top gets damaged or cracked, all you have to do is a request for a glass replacement quote from a competitively priced glass cutting shop, it is much more affordable then replacing the table.

  1. Provides protection on underlying wood

Glass table tops

If you have an existing wooden table of great value, such as a coffee table or a dining table, a glass top can be added to provide the protection that they need. Various threats such as scratches, stains, water rings, and sun damage can ruin the overall quality of your wood furniture. But when you install a glass tabletop on top of it, your wooden table base will be able to withstand daily wear and tear.


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